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Leave all the small details and essentials of your technology environment to AnaEss. Our experts will provide you with IT support and quick resolution of issues in minimal time. For an overall enhanced user experience, our computing services will leave no stone unturned to make your technology environment swift and robust.
Managed IT Services
Increasing complexity making it difficult for you to manage your IT? Leave the hassle to our experts. AnaEss IT Consultancy, with its highly qualified IT personnel and domain experts are skilled at handling the Information Technology requirements and operations of organization of any size. Our specialized managed IT services help you take control of your core line of business while leaving the responsibility of designing, deploying and maintaining IT solutions that best suit your needs and budget to us.
IT Security Services:
Our major purpose is to ensure IT security in the organizations. Internal and external security breaches are extensive in the world of cyber space. It doesn't matter whether an organization is medium sized or a corporation, the loss of business potential pinches everyone alike.
The Network Security is an important piece of equipment that protects a corporation network from hackers and other cyber criminals. Its use is essential if your business is connected to the Internet, and it's highly recommended for business and home users also.
We recognize the need for an end-to-end security solution which safeguards a company's information assets from likely threats
Vulnerability Assessment
Regularly conducting vulnerability assessment of your information systems is crucial in preventing possible security attacks. Identifying vulnerabilities before they can wreak havoc in your technology environment not only saves you money but is also necessary to run a business smoothly.Following a proactive approach towards security threats is a smarter way to counter information security cracks rather than taking reactive measures to reverse the damage. AnaEss’s vulnerability assessment solution defends your network from malicious threats and helps protect against hacker attempts and data breaches.
Network Security
A network security whether the network is functioning securely in a business environment. A third party security is the best way to certify your network performing optimally and is protected against security risks. One risk can lead to bigger threats if care is not taking in time. AnaEss Solutions provides highly effective network inspections that include latest device and regulatory issues as well as industry best practices. The end result is a highly secure network that offers a safe yet stable environment for its users to perform their daily business operations.
Web Application Security
Web applications are most disposed to security attacks from hackers. The diverse nature of web applications makes it hard to manage their security. The more data a web application stores, the more it becomes disposed to security breaches. To ensure that confidentiality and privacy of critical data is maintained at all times, AnaEss conducts its specialized security assessment procedure for web applications. AnaEss's advanced security assessment solution identifies loopholes and protects web applications. Not only that, AnaEss helps you fix these security issues and devise future action plans to maintain a safe environment.
Designing and Implementing Security Infrastructure
The key to a secure technological environment is a solid foundation that is built on a multiple-layer security infrastructure. AnaEss's Security Infrastructure solution helps enterprises of all sizes in not only managing but also reducing risk at every level in an organization. AnaEss deploys the right defense mechanisms at the right place, which is a crucial step in ensuring infrastructure security. Our security experts help you leverage technology to maximize your business output.
Firewall / VPN Solutions
Firewall and Virtual Private Network Solutions are indispensable in any business environment to ensure basic security of the network. VPN is like a private network of a business entity where data travels in an encrypted form and secure manner. Firewalls filter data packets to allow or prohibit a message from entering or leaving network gateways. AnaEss's firewall solution devises a mechanism where you can control what IP packet is allowed through the firewall. Using firewall security is important when connecting private networks with public networks (like internet).
Endpoint Security Solutions
Endpoint Security is essential for every business that aims to protect its confidential business data from getting compromised. AnaEss Endpoint Security makes sure that your organization security is perfectly streamlined to prevent data theft, data manipulation and process disruptions which may damage your corporate reputation. Our focus is to provide you the best possible security solution. Endpoint security plays a significant role in making your whole infrastructure secure.
Managed Security Services
The pace with which technology advances today has given rise to an increase in complexity that makes the task of securing confidential information assets of a company even harder. Not only it is quite expensive, but also fairly difficult to manage complete information security of an organization. Therefore, more and more enterprises today are opting for managed security services from those third party organizations having the requisite skills and technology in place to perform full-fledged security operations. AnaEss's Managed Security services offer a complete portfolio of information security services to ensure that information security risks are pro-actively managed.